Kanye West heading to Africa to record ‘Yandhi’ album..Could it be Ghana?

Kanye West has disclosed why his new, publicly-announced album didn’t drop Saturday night as promised — and it all has to do with Africa.

Ye made this revelation on “TMZ Live” Monday and dropped a bombshell about his 9th studio album, “Yandhi.” Fans were anxiously awaiting the release this weekend — but he says that was scrapped because he’s not done recording yet.

Kanye West says he’s heading to Africa in the next couple of weeks to complete the project and we are wondering where he would make the stop. As Kanye put it, he wants to draw inspiration and energy from the Earth here.

The new date for “Yandhi” release is Nov 23.

Source: Phamousghana.com/Barima Kwabena Owusu


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