Gramps Morgan, a member of the Jamaican international reggae band, Morgan Heritage has revealed in an exclusive interview to that he has reconnected with his ancestors in Ghana and is very happy about it. The International Reggae act who was in Ghana for the firth time said it is aimed at building a bridge between his ancestral home and those in the diaspora indicating that more of such visits will be seen in months and years ahead. “It is very important that we reconnect with our ancestors to kind of reconnect and build the bridge to us in the diaspora. When it comes to making the re-connection, there are many people who do not know how to make the first step. I feel compelled to let them know it”, he disclosed. According to him, it is the beginning of greater things the country should expect as he is set to make his visits to the country quite regular. “This is my fifth time in Ghana…I have been to other 14 African countries” Asked what makes his ancestral home  [Ghana] interesting, he said “I am discovering it every day. I am discovering something new every day…whether is the culture, whether it is a new rising artiste. Reggae music or Dancehall music whether it is interest and opportunities, things are just different here”, he stressed.   Source:  

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