Over the last few weeks, it had created a buzz on social media as thousands of designers trooped to Orange 107.9 social media pages to register for the 1000-dollar priced competition.

The whole process met what some competitors called a sophisticated process of registration, briefing and participation. On Saturday, 20th October 100 shortlisted designers met at the food court of the Kumasi City Mall in a signature orange-themed setting for the competition.

It was a tense, passionate and highly professional atmosphere as competitors battled to get their logos chosen for the cash prize and pride. Highly professional judges where on spot to scrutinize the logos that were submitted and finally selected 5 works for the final.

These five works in the next few weeks will be uploaded on Orange 107.9 social media pages and the work with the most likes will grab the yummy 1000USD cash price.

We wish all selected contestants well even as we say “ayekoo” to Orange 107.9 for such a great move.

See photos of the event below:

Source: Submitted


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