takeoff death

takeoff death

Reports on various news portals suggest that there is a serious rift over Takeoff’s wealth between his father and mother.

According to the reports, the father and mother of Takeoff who have been separated for several years are at each other’s throats over the young man’s estate and his wealth worth $26 million.

His father Kenneth Ball and his mother Titania don’t seem to be able to come to a compromise on who takes what from the wealth their son left behind.

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There are suggestions that the mother of Takeoff deserves her son’s wealth because she singlehandedly took care of TakeOff while his irresponsible father looked on because they were separated.

It is on record that the Rapper was prohibited from talking to his father while he was alive but after his death, his father came claiming he had a healthy relationship with his son.

What’s worrying about the situation is the fact that Takeoff died without a will and a child to inherit his wealth and properties.

Takeoff’s death was officially ruled as a homicide.

The Migos Rapper died from “penetrating gunshot wounds of head and torso into the arm,” the Harris County Medical Examiner’s office ruled.

Takeoff born Kirsnick Khari Ball’s funeral brought together a number of people in the industry who celebrated his short stint on earth.

Takeoff Suspected Killer Arrested

Meanwhile, Police in Houston have arrested one Patrick Xavier Clark who has been charged with murder.

Patrick was arrested on Houston’s East Side.

Court records indicate that Patrick Clark’s bail has been set to $1 million.

Source: phamousghana.com