There is nothing better in the world than a good friend, except perhaps, a ballad about friendship. A theme that spans all music genres,from hiphop to Afrobeats to soul, musical artists have been praising and pondering since time immemorial, the industry can be a tough game,but its made better with some quality pals, new Ghanaian collective, La Meme Gang sonically display their love for each other and their “bros” on this slow catchy appreciative masterpiece, the project is La Meme swinging on unity, oneness and real ones.

Darkovibes kicks off the song with a typical hiphop reference as quoted “shout out to all my bros” gathering all his day ones under this shout out, he goes “typical Darko style” with the blending of local dialect GA and English, reminding us of his unique finesse which captured the hearts of many music lovers. RJZ, on the other hand is not just thankful on his verse, he also puts up a defensive verse as quoted on the line “Don’t even come at my bros”,a warning or threat to any third party. He also goes into details on how every member off the group plays significant roles in his life,thus keeping him in line, he’s buttery-smooth voice captures the tenderness of friendship in this tune.

On the production side, Eargasm crafts a transparent, woozy beat which amps every verse and amplifies the theme of the song, making all the elements of the friendship visible through their voices, Kiddblack balances the nature of friendship with his direct verse which carries regret, pain and yet a appreciative verse, the “flexin” rapper rapping about being late for a friend’s dad’s funeral is undoubtedly the realest yet saddest part of the song, equalling the ups and downs of friendship.

The quality verses delivered on this song is perfect, drawing true life stories
from each artiste’s experience and what makes this song a master craft is the fact that its a type that can be sung out loud during a bonfire.

Source: Kwabena Owusu


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