jane moore divorce

jane moore divorce

Media Personality, Jane Moore has announced that she is divorcing her husband.

This comes after decades of being together with the Record label executive Gary.

Jane Moore made the announcement on live television on the ITV show.

“So Gary and I are separating,” Jane Moore said.

Adding that “It’s weird that it’s out there because we’ve been processing it for about a year, we’re both quite private people and we had discussed it last year and it was gonna happen last year, and then he fell and broke his leg.

“I didn’t push him, just wanna put that out there,” she then joked. “He fell and broke his leg and then all bets are off.

“We’re still in the same house together, we’re still going to do Christmas together… Then in the new year, we’ll sell up. We’ll buy our own houses, hopefully, you know, near each other.”

The TV star continued that she’d been caring for him in the wake of his injury. “It’s enabled us to sort of segue to process it first of all, and to sort of segue nicely into a really good friendship,” she continued.

“I mean, I would always say, he is my best friend. I hope if he was sitting here he would say, I’m his best friend, and I’m just very, very keen that we don’t lose that element of it, you know, so, yeah, so we’re still living together.”

Who Is Jane Moore?

Jane Moore is an English Author and Journalist. Jane is best known as a columnist for the Sun Newspaper. She is also a panelist and an anchor on ITV lunchtime show Loose Women.

Jane Moore Age: How Old Is Jane Moore?

Jane Moore was born on May 17, 1962. She was born in Oxford in the United Kingdom.

Jane Moore Husband: Who Is Gary Farrow?

Jane Moore is married to Gary Farrow. The couple married in 2002. However, Jane announced that they are splitting on live Television. Gary is said to be a Record Label Executive. However, she says they will be the best of friends after the divorce.

Jane Mooer Children: Who Are Jane Moore Children?

Jane Moore and her husband after marrying in 2002 have three children. Their children are Ellie, Grace and Lauren. Lauren is Jane’s stepdaughter. She made Jane a Grandmother when she gave birth to a baby girl.