toni collette children

toni collette children

Toni Collette is an Australian actress, producer singer, and songwriter.

Collette is known for her work on Television and Independent films.

Toni Collette was born on November 1, 1972. She was born in Black Town in Australia.

Toni Collette is married but seeking a divorce from her husband Dave Galafassi. This was after a photo of her husband kissing another woman went viral on social media. Toni announced the divorce in a post shared via her Instagram page indicating that their children are their priority.

Toni Collettte Children: Meet Sage Florence Galafassi and Arlo Robert Galafassi

Toni Collette and her husband have two children. They are Sage Florence Galafassi, Arlo Robert Galafassi. Sage Florence is 14 years old and Arlo Robert their son is 11 years old.