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Ja Rule Age: How Old Is Ja Rule?

Ja Rule, born Jeffrey Bruce Atkins on February 29th, 1976, is a rapper, singer, and actor who has made a significant impact on the music industry. Born in Queens, New York, he grew up in a musical household and began rapping at a young age. 

Ja Rule Career

Ja Rule rose to fame in the late 1990s and early 2000s with hit songs like “Holla Holla,” “Put It on Me,” and “Always on Time,” which features Ashanti. He has since released several albums and has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music, including Jennifer Lopez, Ashanti, and Lil Mo. 

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In addition to his music career, Ja Rule has also dabbled in acting, appearing in films such as “Half Past Dead” and “Scary Movie 3.” He has also been a regular on the reality TV series “Follow the Rules.” 

Ja Rule Net Worth

As for his net worth, Ja Rule is estimated to be worth around $10 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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In conclusion, Ja Rule is a rapper with a legacy. With his distinctive voice and catchy lyrics, he has captured the hearts of fans worldwide and continues to be a staple in the music industry. With his talent and hard work, it’s no wonder he has amassed such a high net worth. 

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