A cross-section of the Ghanaian populace have alleged that some Ghanaian female celebrities have undergone surgeries thus their contour shape. Ghanaian actress Christiana Awuni has disclosed that, she has sought the services of embattled owner and doctor in charge of the Advanced Body Sculpt Centre known as Obengfo Hospital, Dr Dominic Obeng Andoh before. The actress made this revelation in an exclusive chat with TV Show host Delay on her Delay Show. Speaking on the Delay Show, Christiana Awuni refuted claims that she has undergone surgery. She revealed that she has sought the services of Dr Dominic Obeng Andoh before but it was solely for a reduction in her butts because it’s heavy. “I’ve visited Obengfo hospital before and that was sometime ago. I didn’t go for surgery to transform my shape but i purposely went there for a reduction in my butts”. Christiana Awuni also added that, she couldn’t afford because the amount involved was GHS30,000. “Dr Obengfo ran laboratory tests on me to pave way for the surgery to reduce the weight of my butts but the cost involved was too much so i rescinded my decision”. Source: Phamousghana.com              

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