aaron carter's mother TMZ

aaron carter's mother TMZ

Aaron Carter’s mother, Jane Schneck has accused his baby mama of the death of her son.

She made these known in several posts she shared about her son on Social media.

To her, Melanie Martin through her money mongering killed her young son.

Aaron Carter’s mother cannot fathom why Melanie will drive her son crazy, kill him and will want to hold a vigil just so she can cash in on his death.

Meanwhile, Melanie has told TMZ that she is shocked by the accusations because while Aaron was alive, she and Jane had a great relationship indicating that she was happy “I had her son’s best interest”.

Jane believes that Melanie drove her son crazy and therefore contributed to his death.

She is worried that Melanie will take custody of Prince, Cater’s son with Melanie since her son is no more.

Aaron Carter Cause of Death

Aaron Carter, who was a popular American rapper, singer, and actor died untimely at the age of 34. Aaron Carter was born on December 7, 1987 and would have been 35 in December.

Aaron Carter was found dead or unresponsive at his house in Lancaster, CA, in the United States of America.

Reports add that Aaron Carter’s body was found in his bathtub.

Aaron Carter was known to be the author of ’90s with hits like “I Want Candy” and “That’s How I Beat Shaq.”


melanie source: TMZ
melanie source: TMZ