Shamima Begum Parents

Shamima Begum Parents

Shamima Begum is a British woman who made headlines in 2015 when she left her home in East London to join the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group in Syria.

Shamima Begum was just 15 years old at the time and travelled to Syria with two of her friends.

Begum married a Dutch IS fighter and had three children while living under the group’s rule.

However, all three of her children died due to illness or malnutrition. In February 2019, Begum was found by a journalist in a Syrian refugee camp and expressed her desire to return to the UK.

The British government revoked Begum’s citizenship on national security grounds, leaving her stateless. She challenged this decision in court but lost her case in 2020.

The UK Supreme Court later ruled that she could not return to the UK to appeal against the decision.

Begum’s case has sparked controversy and debate about citizenship, national security, and the rights of individuals who have joined terrorist groups.

Some argue that she should be allowed to return to the UK and face justice for her actions, while others believe that she made a conscious decision to join a terrorist group and should not be allowed back into the country.

Begum’s story highlights the complex issues surrounding terrorism and extremism, as well as the challenges faced by governments in dealing with citizens who have joined such groups.

It also raises questions about how society can prevent young people from being radicalized and drawn into extremist ideologies.

Shamima Begum Parents
Shamima Begum Parents

Who Are Shamima Begum Parents?

Shamima Begum was born to Ahmed Ali and Asma Begum. Her parents are of Bangladeshi origin and, through them, Ms Begum has Bangladeshi citizenship.