Afro-pop singer, Nana Frema Koranteng has told celebrity blogger, Zionfelix that she cannot tell when she is getting married because men are not proposing to her.

According to the curvaceous singer, men just look at her when she is passing by but do not have the guts to call her and even talk to her.

“No man has proposed to me. I don’t know If they are afraid of me or what but no man has proposed to me. When I’m passing by, they will just be looking at me but they cannot call me and even tell me they admire me,” she told Zionfelix in an interview monitored by

When asked if she does not have any guy in her life, the singer dodged the question and pretended she was moved by the song in the background and started dancing.


16 thoughts on “Men are afraid to approach and propose to me – Curvaceous songstress

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