McDonald’s Grimace Shake TikTok Trend Viral

McDonald’s Grimace Shake TikTok Trend Viral

The McDonald’s Grimace Shake has become well-known for its eye-catching hues and distinctive flavour combination.

Although some claim it is totally berry-flavoured, I contend that it leans more toward a vanilla foundation with a faint berry undertone.

However, one TikTok trend, dubbed the Grimace Shake Incident by some, has stood out for its macabre imagery.

The Grimace Shake Incident involves TikTok creators trying the milkshake and then faking their own deaths in horror-inspired scenarios.

Because of Grimace’s “iconic color and sweetness,” according to the corporation, McDonald’s released a purple, berry-flavored shake on June 12 in celebration of his birthday.

Others have turned to TikTok to join a new fad that takes the sugary sip to a not-so-sweet realm, while some people have been enjoying the shake even as they try to identify its specific flavor profile.

After eating the beverage, TikTokers act as if they are going to pass out in a purple puddle.

It’s gotten so bad that on June 27, Grimace himself made a statement via the McDonald’s Twitter account.