Keegan Bradley Parents

Keegan Bradley Parents

Keegan Bradley is a professional golfer who was born on June 7, 1986, in Woodstock, Vermont.

He comes from a family of golfers, and his parents played a significant role in his career.

His father, Mark Bradley, was a PGA professional and the head golf coach at the University of Vermont.

He introduced Keegan to golf at an early age and taught him the fundamentals of the game. Mark also served as Keegan’s caddy during his amateur career and early years on the PGA Tour.

Keegan’s mother, Kaye Bradley, was also an accomplished golfer.

She won several club championships and played in state amateur tournaments. Kaye provided Keegan with emotional support throughout his career and encouraged him to pursue his dreams.

Keegan Bradley Parents
Keegan Bradley Parents

Together, Keegan’s parents instilled in him a love for golf and a strong work ethic. They taught him to be disciplined and focused on achieving his goals. Their guidance helped Keegan become one of the top golfers in the world.

In addition to their influence on Keegan’s career, Mark and Kaye are known for their philanthropic efforts. They established the Bradley Foundation to support various charitable causes related to education, health care, and youth development.

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Keegan Bradley’s parents played an essential role in shaping his life both on and off the golf course.

Their love and support have been instrumental in helping him achieve success as a professional golfer while also giving back to their community through their charitable work.