Gasmilla should stop taking credit for Azonto Dance, He didn’t create it — Usher Frimpong Moses

Ghanaian Dance Instructor, Usher Frimpong Moses has rubbished claims by musician Gasmilla that he created Azonto Dance which shot Ghana into global prominence.

According to Gasmilla, he took other dance moves and blended them with his own dance move where he twists his hand and points it in the air signifying empowerment but Usher Frimpong Moses has rubbished the claims by the musician saying the dance was already in existence in the Ga Communities.

Speaking to Halifax Ansah-Addo on Best Entertainment on Okay FM monitored by, Usher Frimpong Moses revealed that the dance moves were in existence before it became popular so he’s surprised Gasmilla is claiming ownership. 

“We used to do those moves back then at Accra Academy and anyone who was around in the early 2000s can bear me witness. The dance moves has been in existence all this while so i’m surprised Gasmilla is saying he created it”. 

Usher Frimpong Moses also added that it was a colleague dancer called Isaac Nertey who taught Gasmilla those dance moves he’s claiming ownership of prior to the video shoot of his single Aboodatoi. 

“When he was about to shoot the video for Aboodatoi, he wanted us to do choreography for him but i declined. He and Isaac Nertey brought some female dancers to Jubilee house and Isaac taught them the dance moves. The word Azonto was already existence and it had been used in a song by R2bees and also the dance moves belongs to the dancers. He didn’t create it”.

Source: Kwabena Owusu


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