wendy williams son rent
wendy williams son rent

People.com is reporting that Wendy Williams’ son Kevin Hunter Jr was evicted from his Miami apartment in September.

According to details provided in documents available to the website, Hunter owed $70,000 in unpaid rent and was faced with an eviction notice in August since he had failed to pay rent since February.

Responding to the eviction notice, Kelvin indicated that in 2021, his mother paid the rent in full and had the intention of buying the house.

However, due to her health issues, the court denied her access to her money.

“As the lease approached the end, my mom went through some health issues that put the court in control of her finances,” he said. “All of this happened suddenly and all of the financial support that she always gave me stopped, including my housing,” he said.

Hunter was made to pay the rent for month to month, however, he could not pay the rent and therefore accumulated it leading to  $69,600 in rent debt.

Source: phamousghana.com