Yvonne Nelson and Mother

Yvonne Nelson and Mother

Actress Yvonne Nelson has opened up about her relationship with her mother.

She says since her mother sacked her from her house when she confronted her on who her father is, she has not stepped foot in her house.

Yvonne says after the encounter, she lost love for her mother.

However, her daughter Ryan continues to go to her grandmother because she doesn’t want her daughter to suffer as a result of her issues with her mother.

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”My mother’s behaviour has erased almost every positive feeling I had for her from my mind. Anytime I want to attach emotions to her, I get blocked by her refusal to tell me who my father is. When I had my daughter and had sleepless nights and postpartum depression, I developed so much respect and appreciation for my mother. I still do. I used to call and ask her how she managed to do this on three different occasions,” she said in her book.