Michael Grimm

Michael Grimm

Wife if America Got Talent winner, Michael Grimm has provided an update of her husband’s health.

Zolcerva-Grimm in an interaction on Instagram disclosed that her husband has been hospitalised and no Doctor can tell what is wrong with him.

“I know you all love Michael and while I want to protect his privacy and his request to not disclose anything, we’re kind of in a situation,” she began, tearing up as she explained the health scare has “been an emotional ride.”

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“You may have noticed that he was struggling with his health a lot, lacking energy and not being able to fulfill shows,” she said indicating that his health got worse after Memorial Day weekend.

“He was looking increasingly sickly, all of a sudden he could barely walk, couldn’t lift his head, he couldn’t respond right away when I would ask him things, he would be really fussy,” she added.

Source: phamousghana.com