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Professional Counselor, Motivator, Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur, Counselor Frank Edem Adofoli  Entrepreneur Frank Edem Adofoli is cautioning women to be wary of their partners who brag about their sexual exploits and how good they are in bed. In one of his weekly articles, he stated that Sex is between husbands and wives but once someone is comfortable doing that with anyone they are not married to, the marital status has little to do with their behavior and therefore getting married to such persons won’t change them. Read the full text below; DON’T MARRY ANYONE WHO IS NOT A VIRGIN Is the title for Today’s Motivational Message. Written by Counselor Adofoli How well do you know that man or woman you want to marry? Knowing someone for marriage does not refer to the length of time you’ve been in the same community, church or school, or how good the relationship between you and their family is. It goes beyond that. People are married to those they have lived in the same community with, attended the same school or church with, yet it seems like they got married to a total stranger. The couple behave like Bluetooth, they stay connected when they are close but the sad story is, as soon as they are away from their each other, they start looking for new partners; someone new to do what that they do with you in the name of marriage. They search for a new partner to have sex with. Their search for someone to share their fantasy begins when you are away. And when you are together, they act the role of the perfect spouse in the picture-perfect marriage. Even though in truth their hearts are filled with guilt and lies. Some spouses could just feel deep within their hearts that the one they are married to is doing something wrong but have no evidence. The way the cheating spouse touches them now is different, the way they used to have sex has changed. All of a sudden their spouse has become too careful with devices such as phone, iPad, tablet etc. When they trace back to the beginning of the relationship, they could tell this is not new. It’s either they didn’t take time to know the one they are married to and assumed they knew them through and through or they took some behaviours for granted with the mindset that once they get married, all will change. Things about sexuality are deep and everyone who wants to get married needs to pay extra attention to that. If the man or woman you want to get married too, can have sex with anyone and even blame it on you that it was because you were not around, or give the excuse that they will not be getting it from you because you are not married but they will stop as soon as you are married, please halt that marriage process.
If they continue having sex with others and still claim you are the only they love, please halt that relationship. If they patronize prostitutes and yet assure you of being faithful when they get married, please be careful.
Having sex with people is not a hobby, don’t be excited when he brags about his sexual encounters and how good he is in bed. You are in for a cheat. Sex is between husbands and wives, once someone is comfortable doing that with anyone they are not married to, your marital status has little to do with their behaviour. Getting married to them won’t change them. Sex is deep, sex is spiritual, it is one thing that joins two people in marriage. It cuts covenants, it ties souls and it is one thing that can also break a marriage. Each time one is having sex, what they are saying to each other is, “I am one with you in good and in bad”. Although I am naked and vulnerable with you, I am safe with you. Sex is holy, sex is pure, it was created by God and has nothing to do with dirt. It is a scared business. That is why we take off our covers during sex. What it means is, take off the covers of your heart before sex. This is why you feel guilty when for the first time you have sex with someone you are not married to. Don’t marry any man or woman who is not a virgin. If the one you intend marrying once engaged in sex with someone, he or she needs to pray to God to cut off and break any form of soul tie or covenant, repent from such act, and demonstrate the repentance in the relationship before you marry them. When they do that, they have become virgins again. This might not be first virgins but secondary virgins. Getting married to someone because they are sexually active, because they are very good in bed is like acquiring a credit card which has subscriptions of debts. You inherit that debt. That man or woman will always answer to the call of their old sexual partners or get new ones. When it comes to sex, sharing is not caring. In conclusion, “But if we confess our sins to God, he will keep his promise and do what is right: he will forgive us our sins and purify us from all our wrongdoing – 1 John 1:9 (GNT). Please share with your friends, someone out there needs this. For counseling, feedback, to sponsor this broadcast or to invite me for speaking engagement, call or WhatsApp +233206774279. Source: Kwabena Owusu

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