Gospel artiste, Ernest Opoku has responded to claims by Ghanaian actress, Gladys Mensah Boaku otherwise known as Nayas 1, alleging that when she’s having her menstruation Ernest Opoku still feels for sex and even goes as far as licking her menses.

The gospel artiste who has apologized for his sexual affair with the actress in an interview with Franky 5 on Hitz Fm, disclosed that Nayas lied to the public concerning licking her menses.

According to him, during one of his sexual bouts with Nayas, he saw rashes on her buttocks.

“I never licked her menstruation as she alleged; she has rashes on her buttocks rather. I swear! the ONLY thing NAYAS has ever given me was MTN scratch card(top-up).” Ernest Opoku denied allegations on Hitz FM

The ‘Nyame Di Hene’ hit singer vowed to allow the country’s laws to deal with his ex-lover, Nayas 1 who made several allegations against him months back.

“I’ve taken the NAYAS assault to court. I’ve forgiven NAYAS but would not let go the matter in court. NAYAS wasn’t pregnant, I have evidence someone bought her contraceptives to terminate the pregnancy and she took Ghc5,000 as compensation to let go the issue but went ahead to assault me. I know two Multimedia staff are behind all these, they bought her the contraceptives.

“I blocked NAYAS on my phone cos the verbal abuse was unbearable. I regret ever meeting NAYAS in my life. Getting married is gonna be difficult for me but I promise Ghanaians that this would never happen again.” Ernest Opoku said on Hitz FM.

The musician made it clear that he is a human being but not an angel so mistakes are bound to happen and what the actress has said publicly in the past days are part of errors he has committed in the past.

He further asked the public including all Christians to pray for him to endure future temptations. According to him, the fact that he has made a mistake does not mean the Lord has forsaken him.

“I made a big mistake by fornicating with NAYAS and I’ve sought God’s face for forgiveness… I plead with Pastors, Christians and my followers to forgive me. I’m human, I’ve sinned, I ask Ghanaians and my fans to forgive me and pray for me.” He said.

Ghanaian actress Gladys Mensah Boaku, a.k.a Nayas some months ago accused Ernest Opoku of forcing her to abort their three-month-old pregnancy.

The actress and movie producer in a series of media interviews made several damning allegations against the gospel minister but Mr. Opoku never uttered a word.


Source: Kasapafmonline



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