GlennSamm, the popular Ghanaian Model, blogger, and socialite, on July 29, the occasion of his birthday, took to some streets of Accra to spend time with the less privileged.

Done in collaboration with a dozen associates of his, as well as culinary outfits as Queen May Catering Services, GreenGirl Bakegh, Popsicles, and Afua’s Bakehouse, the activity saw him treat street kids around the National Theatre, through the Black Star Square, and then Ashaiman. The exercise saw them distribute over 500 plates of food, ice cream, cupcakes and bottles of water.

Recounting events of the day, an “incredibly humbled” GlennSam expresses how much the activity has reshaped his outlook on life in general.

“I used to entertain the erroneous perception that street children are generally lazy people who won’t work to feed but play the scam to survive. Then somewhere this year I had the opportunity to support a friend doing an outreach programme for the needy. That was when I had a change of mind and my desire became more intense.

“After having had the opportunity to appreciate how lonely and cold the streets can be, I said to myself: ‘you don’t have to be rich to help others. It is why I decided to celebrate my birthday on the streets,” he said.

Despite her lavish resources, the African continent is also the location of some of the most telling instances of destitution. “Now this is the time we have to change the narrative and try to do something humanitarian to just a single soul without expecting nothing in return,” the model charged.

“You don’t have to be rich to help somebody. You don’t have to be even famous to give a helping hand and You don’t even have to be the President of a country to put a smile on the next humans face. I challenge everyone to make an effort to support someone,” concluded GlennSam.

Born Glenn Samuel Semakor, GlennSamm is a Keta native, an alumnus of IPMC, and head honcho of the KvngsOfTheNewSchool fashion brand. He is also the brand ambassador for Caveman Watches.

Source: Enewsgh/Gabriel Myers Hansen

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