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Demagogues: Xbabados Addresses Manipulative Politics in latest Spoken Word Piece


Ghana goes to the polls yet another time on December 7, 2020.

Like it’s usually done across the country every election year, politicians will move to the nook and cranny of the country; something they will not do after elections.

Their mission? They will seek to convince the Ghanaian on why they deserve to be voted for either to stay in power or to come to power.

Over the years, the Ghanaian especially the youth have fallen for the flowery promises but have been disappointed whenever they vote either way.

Apart from voting and getting disappointed, the youth have over the years been used as conduits to foment electoral crimes across the country.

Some of the youth are used as tools to steal ballot boxes while some are just used to create tension at voting centers.

But this year, with the level of heads and how discerning the Ghanaian has been, a lot seems to be changed and will change during the electoral process.

Demagogue; a spoken word by Xbabados addresses these challenges and triggers a sense of discernment to the Ghanaian youth who have over the years been disappointed although they vote.

It raises concerns on the manipulative nature of Ghanaian politicians and why there is the need for the youth to be conscious and not fall for their manipulations this time around.

Source: phamousghana.com/Ayeh Offei-Akoto/2020

Why Do You Ban The Importation Of Salvaged Cars If Germany Still Sells Them- Aseidu Nketia Quizes

Aseidu Nkatia
Aseidu Nkatia

Mr. Johnson Asiedu Nketia popularly known as General Mosquito The General Secretary of National Democratic Congress (NDC) has made a daunting claim that the government’s decision to ban the importation of salvaged cars into the country is a way to promote foreign car manufacturing companies at the expense of the local automobile industry.

He remarked ” Is Germany not selling second hand cars? If German the originator of the VW car manufacturer still sells second hand or salvage cars and it is not banned, why then do you ban salvage cars because VW has come to establish a branch here”

This precedes parliaments passing of the Customs Bill that places a ban on the importation of accident and salvaged cars the country.

This Bill was immediately greeted with disdain and push backs from the local automobile industry who stated without mincing words that this single act was a ploy to favor foreign car manufacturing companies that had set shop in the country.

The NPP government in their defense explained that this initiative was geared towards ensuring that local car manufacturing companies like Kantanka Automobile and Volkswagen (VW) retain their investment and ensure their survival.

General Mosquito who seemed unhinged by the ruling government’s explanation speaking at the NDC’s Town Hall Meeting at Great Hall of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) recently, reiterated that the action by government would drown the local car business industry in favour of Volkswagen which is not Ghanaian.

The NDC’s Manifesto Is Merely An “Apor” And “Okada” Manifesto- Richard Asante Boldly Claims

Richard Asante Yeboah
Richard Asante Yeboah

Richard Asante Yeboah Deputy National Communications Director for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has branded the NDC Manifesto as ‘okada’ and ‘apor’ manifesto

He stated categorically “The NDC manifesto doesn’t contain anything innovative, it’s just a rehash of the 2012 and 2016 manifesto.

“They copied aspects of the NPP manifesto with some instances where they changed the wording. In other instances they copied word for word so their manifesto is just an ‘apor’.

“You can’t compare an ‘okada’ manifesto to our NPP manifesto which talks about free SHS, planting for food and jobs. So in summary I call the NDC manifesto an okada and ‘apor’ manifesto,” he claimed.

Richard Asante Yeboah further implied that before anyone assumed office as a president, that said individual should at least be on top of the problems of the people he seeks to serve.

“We were told that they the NDC went around the country to seek for opinions from Ghanaians, but if you don’t know the problems facing Ghanaians then you don’t even need to conceive the idea to become President,” he told Shaq B on Darling FM in Cape Coast monitored by MyNewsGh.com.

Video: D Black’s $extape leaks; Twitter reacts


This month doesn’t seem to be the month for rapper Desmond Blackmore.

After his UN award fiasco, the rapper’s bedroom act with a woman has hit the internet and people can’t seem to be calm about it.

Twitter is currently buzzing over the release of the sensual video which has currently moved people to talk.

See some of the reactions around the sensual buzz.

Source: phamousghana.com/2020

32 Year Old Woman Missing After Attending A Wild Party In Accra

Lamisi 32 Year Old Woman missing
Lamisi 32 Year Old Woman missing

Lamisi Adonse a 32 year old woman has been reported missing after leaving home to attend a party at Old London Bar Kasoa Highway.

This sad report was sighted on the Facebook page of The Accra Police Gh

Mr. Joel Aprah of Kaneshie the uncle of Lamisi is the person who reported this unfortunate incident.

Lamisi is fair in complexion and has a tribal mark on her left cheek, stands about 5.6inches tall and is a native of Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region of Ghana

Anyone with any useful pertaining to her whereabouts should kindly contact the Kaneshie Police Station pr any police station near you.

Moesha threatens to commit suicide but we ask if that’s the new celebrity trend?

moesha bodoung
moesha bodoung

Actress Moesha Bodoung is currently suicidal in her latest post on her Instagram page.

With the state of celebrity affairs, one cannot tell if the actress is serious about her post but since it’s about taking her life, it’s imperative that we throw light on it so that she gets help.

The actress in her post on Instagram said “Soon I shall become a memory… waiting to be erased”.

However, he followers have since asked that she pulls the post down because it’s needless.

This comes just after there were reports of Xandy Kamel indicating that there is nothing more to live for.

It’s not clear if threatening to commit suicide is currently the new trend to get attention to oneself in the Ghanaian celebrity space.

Drink This Magical Homemade Recipe Daily To Help You Grow Sizable Hips And Butts

How to gain big Butts and hips
How to gain big Butts and hips

Gaining bigger curves and butts is mostly every girls dream. Unfortunately some unscrupulous people are using this as a means to advertise products that never seem to work and leaves regrets and health implications in its wake.

Today i am going to teach you how to prepare a healthy and reliable recipe that will help you achieve this long awaited dream. The great thing about this is that it is less expensive and the ingredients are easy to fine.


  • Avocado
  • Groundnuts/Groundnut paste
  • Soyamilk

How to Prepare

  • Slice the Avocado into 2 and scoop out the food from both halves and place into a neat bowl
  • Add a cup of groundnuts to your scooped Avocado
  • Then add your soyamilk
  • Blend for a few minutes until the mixture is perfectly smooth

This can be chilled or dunk as it is. Drink this amazing mixture daily for a month or two and see your hips and butts grow considerably. For this to work you need to be consistent.

Try this and thank me later. Save yourself from the stress of failed products that fail to do what they promise.

VIDEO:”We Can Not Be Taken For A Ride” As Youth Of Formena Sweep Away The NPP

Angry Formena Youth Sack NPP Officials
Angry Formena Youth Sack NPP Officials

Youth Of Fomena in the  Adansi North District of the Ashanti region have literally swept off and booed the New Patriotic Party(NPP) by sacking some officials who were in the community to campaign for votes.

In a viral video sighted by Mynewsgh a group of angry youth of Formena are seen angrily hooting and booing the New Patriotic Party officials who were in the area to canvass for votes. These youths are further seen literally sweeping to signify that they were purging the town of the NPP.

This act of sweeping literally implied that the residents did not want to have anything to do with the NPP. One would only wonder why such harsh utterances and gestures were employed. This act was to express the residents displeasure over their bad roads.

One could hear some residents saying “we can not be taken for a ride”. The police who were overwhelmed looked on in complete shock.

The NDC’s Skewed Position On Filing Fees Is Overly Hypocritical- Nana Akomea

Nana Akomea
Nana Akomea

Chief Executive Officer of The State Transport Company Nana Akomea has expressed his utmost disgust for the hypocrisy on the path of the NDC over the Electoral Commission’s pegging of the presidential filling fee at GhC 100,000

The Electoral Commission of Ghana has fixed the filing fee for Presidential Candidates at GHC 100,000 with Parliamentary Candidates paying GHC 10,000.

The NDC on the other hand has stated without mincing words that the fees are too exorbitant and is a dent on Ghana’s democracy.

Nana Akomea who seemed quizzed took to Facebook to lay forth his displeasure over the distasteful comments made by the NDC over the Electoral Commission’s GHC 100,000 filling fee peg.

The General Secretary of the opposition NDC who thinks that pegging filing fees at GHC 100,000 will breed more corruption because parties that will be able to afford will have to defray their cost when they come to power.

Nana Akomea who is part of the NPP’s Communication team reacting to this added that for a party who pegged their filling fee at GhC 420,000 and only reduced it to GhC 300,000 due to cries for a reduction is overly hypocritical that they would wade in on the Electoral Commission of Ghana’s filling fee with such a skewed position

He stated “Heard the NDC General Secretary speaking vehemently against the GHC100,000 presidential filing fees announced by the electoral commission. I wished the electoral commission would consult/engage the political parties before such announcements. But the ndc secretary’s reaction, l believe, is just one of those things that puts us politicians into disrepute.The ndc had imposed a ghc420,000 filing fees on their presidential aspirants.This was met with loud protests from all but one of the presidential aspirants, which protests were ridiculed by the same general secretary. Eventually the filing fees were reduced from ghc420,000 to ghc300,000.Now when a political party imposes filing fees of ghc300,000 on its own aspirants for an internal election, how is it now protesting at filing fees of ghc100,000 for a national election?”.

Don Little Finally Confirms Girlfriend Rumors And Hints On Getting Married Soon

Don Little
Don Little And Girlfriend

Kumawood actor Stephen Atanga popularly known as Don little has finally confirmed earlier rumors of he being in a romantic relationship with a supposed model looking woman who was seen by his side in a picture that had social media talking.

In an interview sighted on getinfomedia on intagram, Don Little is seen laughing frantically as he answers affirmatively to the girlfriend rumor. Zionfelix who seemed quizzed probed further and asked if the miniature actor could handle this lady.

The affable actor giggled and quickly answered affimaticely and added that he and his new found girlfriend where said to soon tie the knot in a rather grand fashion.

Source: phamousghana/Joseph Boadi/2020

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