You will obviously be notified and informed of the reasons before your wife or girlfriend plans to leave you but you will wish you had seen it coming. Breakups hurt badly; it’s a universally known fact since love carries pain and heartbreak in its pockets. When she quietly decides that she is done with the relationship but is not yet ready to confront you about it or is hesitating for some other reason, she might unknowingly show some signs of disinterest that can help you smell what’s cooking. Like we said, breaking up comes with a lot of pain so these premature signs of her leaving you anytime soon might buckle you up, mentally, for what’s coming up next, although we hope you never have to look for them. 1. When You’re The Last One To Know: You will know how it feels when your girlfriend/wife starts pulling away. Their good news will reach to you last of all and like average news. You will fall down on her priority list when she decides that telling you everything is not so important now.

2. When Sexy Talk isn’t Reciprocated:

When she comes out of the shower and you give her the sexy stare only to get ignored in reply. When you text her to tell her how you can’t wait to get home only to be shut down with a ˜haha’ or so. Her hesitation in this matter can mean a lot of things including this: she is planning to shut it all down once and for all because hey, to be frank, sexy talk is what keeps us going, isn’t it?

3. She Changes:

Remember when she used to say I’d never go to a mall for just window shopping but is now cancelling on you to go window shopping with her friend? That’s called ˜avoiding’, something that people do when they don’t want to be with you. In a nutshell, you will observe her doing absurd things; things she never did before just for the sake of keeping a distance from you.

4. She Really, Actually Changes:

Those were her habits changing but if she, as a person, acts differently then something is fishy. If she was the cheery kind who lit up at the mere thought of taking a light walk on the beach or visiting a family friend who has a cute dog but nothing makes her dance around now as long as you are around, she has obviously something serious going on her mind. It can be called the quiet before the storm.

5. You’re leaving? Good:

She gets happy when you leave now, unlike old times when she never wanted you to go away or move even an inch away from her. This is very easy to tell especially if your girl was the stay-one-more-minute kind and was always into hugging and holding hands etc. If she stops reacting when you leave or tell her that you won’t be able to contact her for a while, she has either something very important on her mind or she just doesn’t give a damn.

6. She Gives Up:

That little argument you two always have that doesn’t lead anywhere but you have it anyway? She doesn’t put effort in it anymore. It is all so useless to her now that she decides to just let things be as there is no point in changing your opinion. She gives up easily instead of enthusiastically fighting for her side of the story like she used to. It is her way of telling you that it is silly and the last thing to matter to her now.

7. Ditches Your Bedtime:

It does not happen very commonly but is a possible sign that she might try to go to bed at a different time than you to avoid either intimacy or any serious talk, or maybe both. If you tell her you plan to stay up late, she decides to jump in bed at 9 and if you tell her you’re going to go down early today, she delays her own bedtime. It happens rarely but one does rare things to avoid people.

8. Not Jealous Anymore:

Excess jealousy can be annoying yes, but a little of it is cute and keeps you both on your toes. If you see her seeing you check out a hot waitress or cashier but says or does nothing then it is sign for you to worry. The girl who lost her shit when you so much as waved to an old friend now acting blind to you checking out other women can be a worrying matter. (We are not suggesting you check out other women to check if she notices).

9. Involves People:

Whenever it is about having a quiet evening with her or spending alone time with just her, she tries to involve people in the plan. It can be her sister or her co-worker or your co-worker. For her, it becomes all about trying to avoid spending time with you because it doesn’t thrill her anymore.

10. All You Get is a Maybe:

She is the kind of person who keeps track of social and professional events on her brain calendar and is able to make space for important events on her free days but when it comes to you asking about a dinner date, all you get is a ˜maybe, we’ll see’. It’s high time you act up on it and ask her if everything is okay between you two before it’s too late. Source: Kwabena Owusu  

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